This is documented on the web in many places  but i find that having my own notes on the subject help no end

Remove in order

  1. Remove Fiberglass front end
  2. Radiator and hoses/ heater hoses
  3. Ground strap/ speedo cable
  4.  4 x nuts holding engine mounts to body
  5. 2  x Bolts holding transmission
  6. 3 x Bolts holding gear stick in place
  7. 4 x Nuts holding the drive shaft at the diff scribe a mark on the yoke to install the nuts back in the same place.
  8. Drain Gear box /engine oil
  9. choke cable / accelerator cable
  10. 3 x nuts holding exhaust flange to pipe.
  11. distributor wires/ starter wires /alternator plug
  12. Oil pressure hose
  13. Clutch slave cylinder body or just the hose
  14. Chain up pull out/ comes out at a 70 degree angle.