So gearbox now in hand it is time to stick the engine back in the car.

I have my trusty guide, and have about 20 zip lock bags all labeled with nits and bolts ready to go.

My first step was to fit my cylindrical clutch. I think this came off a SAAB but i may be wrong, it may have come from Peter May. Either way, there is a aluminium plate that with some modification fits to the oil seal near the spindle. the Clutch then fits to the plate around the spindle. I had to play to get it to fit centrally around the spindle but after an hour of fiddling I  was good. The clutch has a bleed valve that makes bleeding it extremely easy, as long as you remember to poke it out the inspection hole .

OK, so clutch in place , the next stage is fitting the gearbox to the car, which is extremely  easy, the MG midget has an aligning “nub” at the top and it is a simple process to line this up and push the gear box on, a few bolts later and the gearbox is secure.

Now fitting the engine back in is the reverse of taking it out, or so it should be , but there are a few things that can make your life easier.

First off, use two ties to your engine hoist, one around the engine at the front, the other around the gearbox, make sure the one around the gearbox is longer, and if possible adjustable. You want the unit when hoisted to slant towards the gearbox, by about 30 degrees. This will make it easier when trying to get the gearbox down the tunnel.

I was also advised to fit the drive shaft as the unit is being fed into the car, saves lining it up later. One last thing put a strap into the gearbox tunnel. you get to a tricky bit when you start to lower the engine into place, the end of the gearbox needs lifting up a little to allow for the final few inches of movement. Better to have two people but it can be done by one at a pinch.

My engine mounts have been modified to ease the process of fitting the engine, one of them has been cut. this allows for one side to be lined up the and the other to just drop in.  

If it is your first time, get help and you will be grand,  the engine dropped in like a dream, in less than 20 minutes.

 I stopped here for a cup of tea, and briefly starting reconnecting everything . will finish next week.