So I made a list of things to be done, and i was surprised i had missed a few things out.

Reconnecting the rear brake cables should have been an easy task, but my axle is modified for the custom suspension, and the lump of metal welded to the axle was in the way of me attaching the brake cable. So out came the grinder, guess what it did not fit.  next came out the dremel, but this alas was too big as well.  With my Dremel extension connected i was able to slowing but a small piece of the metal away and after about an hour of painfully slow cutting the cable was connected.

Next came the Radiator, simple enough but my Anit-roll bar mounting is what actually holds the radiator in place. Replacing the radiator piles was easy enough, just time consuming.  then scewing it back in was awkward, still all in now.


Next came the earth cable, easy. engine stay, easy and gear stick cover easy easy.

That just left filling the car with fluids. The radiator system  filled up with no leaks and the engine oil went in no problems. I came a croppa at the diff, as the diff has an LSD it needs funky oil and i only had a drop so i have ordered some

I am left with gearbox oil to do,  which should be fine, and the last bit of diff oil.  apart from that the car is done. almost ready to test it.