So no photo’s this time.

i finished connecting up the engine, all bar the radiator. I am still waiting for a replacement hose to arrive. i have been assured it will be here today so i can crack on with that on the weekend.

No dram so far everything went back on OK. I had a wee problem with the Clutch with air in the tube but i think that is now sorted.

The replacement diff went in with some hassle. you have to line it up just right or it sticks and does not screw in flush. Would be simple with a four post ramp, but after lots of lying on the floor i got it done after an hour.  Because i had connected the drive shaft as I put the engine / gearbox  into the car connecting it to the diff was easy 4 bolts and done .

So what is left i hear you ask. 

  • Connect the rear brake pipes
  • bleed the front a rear brakes
  • fit radiator
  • stick oil in diff
  • stick oil in Gearbox
  • stick oil in Engine
  • fill up the fuel tank
  • replace the tipping front of the car
  • reconnect the electric fan
  • cable tie the pipes and cables back nice and neat.

i am hoping get most of this done this weekend