So it turns out i did more damage to my gearbox then i initially thought. I knew the case was damaged , but i thought that it had been caused by the strain of the axle breaking free. In fact  the lay gear and first gear was shattered,    and i mean shattered.

So one phone call and a large lump of cash later my Gearbox had been picked up, repaired and returned all swanky and new. this took less than a week. the guys at heathrowtransmissions are excellent at what they do.

It is wort h remembering that they do not supply the remote or the gearbox bracket [that secures the gearbox to the car]. I had removed these before sending down to the HT, so i had the simple enough job of putting them back on.  My old gearbox was gold so you can see the remote as the new gearbox is silver.

Next we fit it to the car and drop the engine back in.