The holiday started with Curry and ended with stars. Three nights of eight friends, food and fun, with some crafts crammed in along the way.  As always the accommodation was top notch, well setup and comfortable, though the dining room chairs are getting a bit wobbly and the knives in the kitchen are blunt, these are minor things in the overall scheme. Underfloor heating is a dream, we bought wood along the way up there , do not bother there is no need as the cottages were warm even in the early spring weather.

The weather was typically Scottish, but this did not stop us from enjoying some walks along the beach and up the near hills, and keep an eye out for the seal who seems to come near the beach each morning.

All good holidays end with clear skies and stars and this was weekend was no exception.

I’ve seen the stars, I’ve seen the sea

I’ve seen the waves on a windy day.

I felt the wind, I touched the sand

I walked the land,  and enjoyed my stay