Mice like rice,
And cats like hats.
Dogs, so they say are keen for frogs,
Buts frogs,  even though are liked by dogs prefer the feel of tender logs.
Mice, Cats, Dogs and frogs, are funny in these amazing ways.

Flies like to sail across clear blue skies,
While Eagles, so they say are found of seagulls
Parrots are often seen munching on carrots,
To say that they like them will only cause havoc.
Seagulls like no one, and steel when they can,
Flies, Eagles, seagulls and parrots are funny in these amazing ways.

Trees are known to be found of Flees,
While Flees are only ever seen on the knees of bees .
Bees are known to play cards with rats,
who cheat  when they can,  hiding the cards under mats
Trees, flees, bees and rats are funny in these amazing ways.
The moral of this tale is simple and true.

Don’t play cards with rats with mats.