So after 2 months of no activity, i have finally allocated time to putting my Sprite back together, All the replacment parts were ordered in November and were waiting for my to start playing, still I ended up having to buy some longer M10 Bolts once i started putting things together.

To give you a brief recap:  the suspension on my sprite is heavily customized, the  semi elliptical springs have been replaced with adjustable coil over shocks and the mount points replaced with tow rose jointed bars on each side of the axle. There is a 5th bar connecting the axle to the body to remove and lateral movement, this give 5 mounting points which you think would be enough.

Last year as i raced from the line two of the rose joint ends snapped, allowing the suspension to do some nasty damage to the axle, diff, gearbox and mounts. The car was in a bad way after this and oil leaked everywhere from the cracked gearbox. After inspecting the damage I knew i needed some skilled help.  A fellow classic car racer helped to fix , and weld the axle, a job well above my skill level, I then spent a few month playing with a welder to fix the mounts on the chassis.


Before any work was started the brakes and bearings were removed and the axle was sandblasted, revealing some damage to the axle case, so some minor repairs were made to fix these. After this welding was completed the actual custom box section mounts on the axle were repaired. Finally the axle was painted black to stop the rust returning.

I then purchased thicker rods and rose joints from mcgillmotorsport  and fixed the damage to the chassis with some adequate [read ok]  welding.


I decided this would be a good time to replace the bearings brakes and pistons  and to top it off new drums fitted.


All in all it is looking good. Next we will have the engine and gear box removal with many more task to go before the first race of the season.